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TMA East European Event 2019 

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

The Westin, Zagreb, Croatia 


14:30   Registration open/ informal networking                     


15:00   Introduction from the Conference Chair         

Mirna Marovic, President, TMA Croatia


Enrica Maria Ghia, President, TMA Europe


15:15   Opening keynote                     


15:45   Panel: Financial restructuring challenges and opportunities in CEE                       

  • What are the potential options available to a company to improve liquidity and extend the timeline for negotiations with creditors? Existing creditors / shareholders versus alternatives. Success stories and complete failures (case studies, examples)                     

  • What are the preventive actions available to the company that can mitigate or avoid restructuring or bankruptcy? Again, success stories and complete failures (case studies, examples)

  • Valuation (dis)agreements: viewpoints, techniques,... How to avoid valuation fights and develop consensus? Case studies, examples

  • What are the opportunities for investors in the distressed companies? (current opportunities and outlook in terms of sectors and countries)

  • Legal challenges in CEE, including cross-border restructuring cases in multiple jurisdictions 

  • Final words of wisdom from our experienced panellists                                         

Moderator: Enrica Ghia, Partner, Studio Ghia Legale, and President, TMA Europe


Carlos Mack-Castelletti, Court-appointed liquidator and trustee, Partner, ADMETAM Business Consultants GmbH and Honorary Professor, Corvinus University (Budapest)

Catalin Nichifor, Managing Director, Central & Eastern Europe, BM&T

Lukas Fecker, Founder and ,CEO, Innovation Brain and VP International, TMA Global


16:35   Coffee / networking break                  


17:00   Panel discussion and case study: How to deal with the large restructuring cases? 

(including case study Agrokor)    


            Keynote introduction to the panel, overview of the Agrokor case

     Fabris Perusko, Extraordinary Commissioner, Agrokor


     Panel discussion:        

  • How to deal with the large restructuring cases? What are the key challenges?

  • Overcoming immediate threats to company survival: access to liquidity, maintaining relationships with suppliers, surviving market presence and keeping customers in various countries

  • Settlement process: challenges in organising large number of various stakeholders to reach consensus

  • Settlement terms:  consensus and controversies

  • International insolvency and state intervention legal challenges for cross-border recognition in various jurisdictions 

  • Reflecting on the legacy of fallen titan's: lessons learned, economic impact and influences in (changed) corporate practices 

  • Post-settlement turnaround challenges 

  • Outlook and further expectations 

Moderator: Mirna Marovic, President, TMA Croatia


Fabris Perusko, Extraordinary Commissioner, Agrokor

Irena Weber, Deputy Extraordinary Commissioner, Agrokor

Wolfram Prusko, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis

Alastair Beveridge, Managing Director, AlixPartners

Goran Horvat, Partner, KPMG Croatia

18:15   Closing remarks

Scott Stuart, CEO, TMA Global

            Final word from the conference chair 

        Mirna Marovic, TMA Croatia, President 


18:30   Networking Reception                        


19:30   Event close                

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