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TMA East European Event 2019 

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Please register for the event by ordering tickets here below (or by clicking on this link): 

IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding the Terms and Conditions of TMA East European Event registration and ticket purchase: 


Photo Release/Technology Waiver

TMA Croatia and TMA Europe plan to take photographs and video at this event and reproduce them in TMA educational, news or promotional material, whether in print, electronic or other media, including TMA websites. By participating in this event, you grant TMA Croatia and TMA Europe the right to use your name, image and biography for such purposes. All postings become the property of TMA Croatia and TMA Europe. Posting may be displayed, distributed or used by TMA Croatia TMA Europe for any purpose.



Please contact us directly if you would like your name and firm name to be removed from any event materials/listing by sending us and email to (TMA Croatia) and (TMA Europe). 


Name Change Policy

Should your plans change you may nominate a colleague to attend on your behalf. Their name must be submitted by Friday 22nd February latest otherwise admission cannot be guaranteed.


Cancellation Policy

No refunds are available for this event. Please see above if you wish to send someone in your place.


Authorised Attendance

Admission to official TMA Croatia and TMA Europe events will be by badge only, and all participants must be registered to attend the event. Badges can only be picked up and used by the registered individual. Identification badges are not transferable and must be worn at all times.

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