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What We Offer


Educational opportunities


Access to skills & contacts


Networking opportunities


Global reach

The objectives of TMA Croatia include: 


  • An exchange of experience and knowledge, and continual education with the objective of educating members in providing management and restructuring services as independent professionals or in other roles (e.g. as financiers and other) and their acquisition of additional knowledge beneficial to their profession, i.e. their roles in the restructuring process;


  • Linking members to other professionals via TMA International and other channels, through their participation in the work of TMA International, at seminars, congresses, conferences and other events;


  • Disseminating knowledge through the introduction and promotion of best international market practices between businesses in relation to managing restructuring with the objective of improving management through this process in businesses experiencing financial, operational and other difficulties and providing the professional services required in this process, including the education of the members of the management boards / managers of businesses; 


  • Engage with the authorities and other stakeholders with the purpose of promoting the best international market practices in the legal and regulatory environment. 

Join TMA Croatia

If you professionally engaged with the issues including turnarounds, corporate and financial restructuring, insolvency, interim management and other related matters; then getting involved with the TMA Croatia offers you access to skills, contacts and a wealth of networking and educational opportunities with national (TMA Croatia), regional (TMA Europe) and global (TMA Global) reach. 

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